Connecting you to the world through Peppol

DocProcess is a certified Peppol Access Point Service Provider. This allows you to quickly connect to the Peppol Network and start exchanging documents seamlessly and securely with any trading partners within it.

What is Peppol and who uses it?

Peppol represents a network and set of specifications designed to facilitate the exchange of electronic procurement documents between companies. Definitively, it is a common and interoperable standard, designed to nurture the development of cross-border eProcurement which enables businesses to connect with any organisation (public administrations or private entities) regardless of their location or the systems they use. This network’s purpose is to create a single global procurement market.

What does OpenPeppol stand for?

It’s the name of the organization that has developed and promoted the implementation of standards for eProcurement processes to be used by governments, businesses and their technology providers, thus ensuring the ease of exchange of electronic procurement documents between trading partners – which today represent the Peppol network.

Who uses Peppol nowadays?

Although Peppol was developed as an EU standard, it is currently used in 34 countries in Europe and around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, and the USA. Peppol Authorities are located in 17 different parts of the world.

In dark blue - the Peppol network in use and in light blue - the network in development / being discussed

The three pillars of Peppol



The Peppol Network is the network architecture utilised to allow Peppol-certified Service Providers to send and receive Peppol Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) documents on behalf of their end user customers.


Document Specifications

Peppol’s Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) set common business documents standards (based on UBL) to ensure interoperability between all Access Points within the Network.


Legal framework

The Peppol Governance arrangements represents the legal framework under which Peppol activity is undertaken, ensuring the many-to-many interoperability.

What is a Peppol Access Point Service Provider?

The connection to the Peppol network is done through a Peppol Access Point certified by the OpenPeppol Association, such as DocProcess, who enables users to exchange electronic documents based on the Peppol specifications. This principle is similar to a telecom provider that connects its customers to the telephone network.

How does Peppol work?

The Peppol network is based on a four corner model. This connection model requires both sender and receiver to send and receive documents via a Peppol Access Point (service provider). The ‘four corners’ in question are the sender, the receiver and their respective service providers.

SMP is a decentralized registry that provides information on the access points and types of messages that a Peppol recipient can receive.

Each trading partner has a unique ID in the form of a URL which is found in the SML. Through this identifier, an Access Point locates the right SMP and through it, the other recipient’s Access Point.

The sending and receiving organisations don’t need to change their own systems to exchange documents because interoperability and the exchange of documents among them is enabled via their service providers. These documents include e-Orders, e-Advance Shipping Notes, eInvoices, eCatalogues, Message Level Responses, etc.

Why choose DocProcess as Peppol Access Point Service Provider?

Connect fast and easily

We enable you to quickly connect to the Peppol Network and start exchanging seamlessly and securely with any trading partner inside.

Reduce connection costs

Within Peppol and through our platform, your invoices are sent from one system to another without physical interference. This makes it safer, faster, and cheaper for you and for all your trading partners.

Increase message reliability

We perform extensive content and format checks, so you can ensure that any document you send or receive is error-free and complies with business rules and local regulations.

Simpler for you and your partners

We connect you to your trading partners no matter their invoicing systems and desired formats (paper, PDF, EDI, XML, etc). Our solution is compatible with over 200 ERP systems and required Peppol file formats.

Accelerate onboarding and project ROI

We manage the onboarding of any of your trading partners outside the Peppol network, so that you can work with your entire business ecosystem 100% digitally. 

Gain 360 visibility into your business processes

Follow the progress of the documents you exchange thanks to real-time status messages. Plus, thanks to our document audit trails, you have access to a permanent record of the history of your documents.

Peppol Access Point Certification