Process mining & reengineering

We help you take control of business processes throughout your entire ecosystem. In the span of over 15 years handling complex digital transformation projects, we have learned that half of the time is spent on identifying the customer’s needs and set up the necessary changes to optimize the company’s processes.

We are here to understand your needs and help you go fully digital

First and foremost, DocProcess is a company dedicated to its customers. Our extended experience and expertise have allowed us not only to deliver the best automation solutions, but also to offer consulting services such as:​

  • Advanced business analysis
  • Optimization of documentary flows
  • Invoice processing optimization
  • Segmentation of suppliers for enrollment
  • Contract management consulting
  • Electronic archive optimization
  • Consulting on document standardization
Process reengineering

Back-office processes

Are fraught with:

  • Unnecessary paperwork
  • Manual tasks
  • Legacy software
  • Constant delays
  • Compliance issues
  • CSR issues (due to paper use)

But are also:

  • Vital to your enterprise
  • Important for maintaining partnerrelationship
  • Financially and legally relevant
  • Vital for access to financing options

These processes not only generate a lot of paperwork and manual work, but they also involve a lot more departments than you’d think, decreasing productivity. The truth is that these processes are dragging your business down.

We work together in the mining & reengineering process

First, we start analyzing data paths within your software systems, especially the ERP system, so we can understand what it takes to carry on a particular business process, how well this is working and what deviations exist. We also benchmark with other processes and solutions from your industry. Together we identify, analyze, and re-design your organization’s core business processes with the purpose of achieving improvements in critical performance measures, such as cost, quality, service, and speed. In the end, we look for improvement opportunities, validate them, design the new process map and implement them to enhance your business.

Together as a team

We support you step by step

Before process automation

by making both your work and that of your employees easier.

During process automation

by using the DocProcess BEA platform that will optimize and streamline your processes.


when we help you make the most of our platform and get the best results.

Your benefits

Through continuous process reengineering, organizations can streamline their overall workflows, leading to increased efficiencies and cost-savings. By incorporating business analytics, activity monitoring, and decision management capabilities, we help you coordinate people, systems, information, and material to achieve business outcomes. As a result, understanding and managing your process will help you accelerate your digital transformation strategy.

Increased efficiency and cost savings

We help you optimize existing processes and incorporate more structure into the development of new ones, by removing process redundancies and bottlenecks.

Enhanced employee and customer experience

You eliminate repetitive work and make information more accessible, so your employees can focus on their customers, leading to increases in customer satisfaction, and on value-added tasks.

More scalable processes and focus on innovation

As your business grows, your processes become more complex. Our BEA platform helps you keep a complete view over the entire process. Regardless of the size of your ecosystem, you benefit from the most advanced automation tool.