DocProcess Solutions for Accounting Practices

Are you ready for continuous accounting?

Are you looking to relieve your employees from the burden of paperwork and repetitive manual processes? Does your practice work long hours
just to perform compliance checks? We’ve been working with accountants for years, and they’ve told us what they needed: a simple, scalable platform that takes away the hassle of managing clients’ documents and gives them more time for financial advice.

Our automation solution for accounting practices enables you to move
from bookkeeping to business consulting!


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Tired of chasing customers to submit timely documents? Tired of sorting through paper, misplacing documents and manual data key-in? With our platform:

  • customers submit their own documents in whichever format, including paper
  • documents get collected, indexed and time-stamped. None get lost.
  • document header, footer, and line data extraction is automated
  • you get flexible data export to any accounting software or ERP


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Manual checks taking a lot of time? Matching bank statements to invoices gives you headaches? Document management is a pain? Then try this:

  • automated header & footer data validation
  • automated bank payments reconciliation
  • simple and secure document record management in the cloud for your practice


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Unlock your full business potential with even more automation and insights, that simplify your job and help you focus on offering more value to your customers:

  • automated GL coding for the documents
  • secure record management platform for your customers
  • automated workflows according to each business rules
  • advanced reporting and insights

Why continous accounting is the future?

As you read this page, your employees are probably buried in invoices or performing another endless audit trying to find errors
or compliance issues within your paperwork. But that’s not what accounting is all about.
Accounting is also about advanced reporting, consulting, and business analysis, and it’s these processes that bring real value to your company
and your clients. So, why not let machines do the numbers?


Interested how you could move your customers toward automated, continuous accounting?