DocProcess solutions for banking and financial services

Are you ready for instant banking?

Inspired by the FinTech revolution, clients are now expecting platforms and services that are fully automated and compliant with the latest European directives such as PSD2 and GDPR.
The pressure to accelerate and optimize processes in order to maintain a competitive advantage can be noticed in all domains of the banking industry, from transaction processing, to crediting, accounting, and factoring.
If you want to prepare your bank for seizing opportunities unlocked by PSD2, find out more about DocProcess and Allevo’s joint solution for banking and financial services.

A partnership for the future of Fintech


DocProcess offers complete automation services for back-office business processes (P2P, O2C, procurement, and logistics), being one of the main promoters of electronic invoicing, supported by Artificial Intelligence, OCR, and RPA.


Allevo offers software solutions that help financial institutions, enterprises, and public administration to process financial transactions automatically and comply to the latest standards and regulations.

The DocProcess and Allevo solutions

The partnership will provide a complete set of services for financial companies, which will be able to eliminate manual labor and decrease the time dedicated to synchronizing and processing the flows between ERPs and core banking systems,
as well as the time dedicated to document processing in the Purchase 2 Pay and Order 2 Cash flows.
Everything, without the use of a single paper document.

DocProcess and Allevo can automate the entire billing and financial transfer process, from extracting invoice data to confirming the final payment.
The partnership involves the development of new FinTech products, unique on both the local and the European market, which will significantly ease the operational effort required for factoring and crediting operations, and will develop new services based on Artificial Intelligence. Contact us to learn more about DocProcess & Allevo’s joint solution for banking and financial services!

Interested to seize the opportunities unlocked by the EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive? Then let’s talk!