DxCatalog: Eliminate Supplier and Buyer Disputes by Using an E Catalog

DxCatalog unifies all data between customers, suppliers, and logistics. The result: fewer errors, faster and more accurate purchasing and sales, and improved supplier and customer relationships. A complementary and integrated solution to your ERP.

The Solution

The management of product data (goods and services) is a key process. All it takes is one small data change from one department for the entire chain to be affected. DxCatalog digitizes and unifies all your data while updating it instantly for all users. Easy to integrate with your own and your suppliers' system, DxCatalog allows you to manage product data for the entire company and its ecosystem, drastically reducing the risk of disputes and errors. Our DxCatalog cloud-based solution matches and harmonizes product information between buyers, sellers and logistics.
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What You Will Gain with DxCatalog

Our e-catalog solution is easy to implement and simplifies product data management for both you and your partners.
On orders, delivery notes, and invoices
A single source of data for all parties
More than 50 features for each product

A Complete Set Of Features for E-Catalog

Centralized and shared product data

A single source of information shared by buyers, sellers, and logistics partners
Up-to-date and accurate product information on over 50 individual characteristics (e.g. product codes, packaging, weights) means you can streamline sales channels and guarantee you are always selling the right product mix.
Reliable and accelerated Purchase to Pay and Order to Cash processes
Real-time updates of all changes for all the parties involved

Full customization

Customized product lists with different rules and workflows, by ranges, suppliers, or customers
Instant updates of products or promotions on e-commerce platforms

Native integration with DocProcess BEA platform

Out-of-the-box integration with most ERPs Simplified onboarding for your suppliers, customers, and logistics partners
Ensure contractual terms are adhered to in product ordering e.g. minimum order quantities, discounts or promotional rules by connecting with DxContract
Improve validation for delivery requirements e.g. packaging codes, weights, volumes by connecting with DxLogistics
Guaranteed accuracy of invoices through integration DxInvoice

E-Catalog Impact on Your Business

Simpler customer and supplier relationships, streamlined purchasing flows, and more efficient and reliable accounting exchanges.

Satisfied suppliers and customers

Hassle-free roll-out with instant benefits: your suppliers and customers will get on board in an instant.

Faster sales and purchasing cycles

Promotions, product changes, changes in contractual terms All new products reach everyone at the same time.

Accurate inventory management and accounting

Everyone gets the same information from the same source, updated in real time: no more errors or conflicts!

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