Achieve 100% touchless processing
with end-to-end e-invoicing

Why spend time with invoice checking, corrections and validations when you can have the perfect invoice from the start? With DocProcess, the invoicing process is controlled from the moment your supplier creates it. An end-to-end solution that automates everything that can be automated, reducing error rate and increasing compliance. Free your AP department of tedious manual work, paper and headaches and let them focus on truly adding value.

The solution

Invoicing is the core of a company’s financials. And it’s complex because it depends not just on you but your partners as well. It’s a daily technical, organizational, and legal challenge. It’s time for new thinking around how you control your invoicing process across your entire ecosystem. DocProcess's e-invoice solution provides full control, accuracy and compliance over your whole invoicing lifecycle, from issuing or receiving your invoice into the General Ledger. Whether it’s merchandise, service, CAPEX, return or self-billed invoices, or credit/debit notes, ensure all major electronic invoicing formats (including paper invoices) and data are aligned, including automatic variance and exception management so your team can focus on more strategic tasks.
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What you will gain with DxInvoice

An end-to-end e invoice solution that automates everything that can be automated, reducing error rate and increasing compliance.
savings on invoice management costs
x 40
more invoices per FTE/month
less paper though supplier onboarding

A complete set of features for e-invoicing

The most advanced e-invoice validation system

Unlimited business control rules removes 100% of the manual work required
Automated Accounts Payable functionality complete with n-way matching for merchandise spend and n-level approval workflows for services spend. As well as accounting codes allocation
Automated enrichments with any internal or external data reference
Real-time document status eases supply chain financing processes

Compatibility without expensive ERP customizations

Out-of-the-box integration with over 200 ERP and accounting software tools
Easy extension of your AP functionality with our AP cockpit

Native integration with DocProcess BEA platform

Ensure the continuity of references and validations from order to delivery to invoicing with DxOrder and DxLogistics
Always track that contract terms - prices, discounts, or terms of payment-are followed in day to day operations by integration with DxContract
Make sure that the product data - volumes, prices, references, SKU codes are consistent with the invoicing, by integrating with DxCatalog
Store all your invoices in a secure and compliant manner with DxArchive

Impact on your business

A fast, reliable, compliant, and optimized e invoice system. A strengthened customer-supplier relationship no matter the level of your technological capabilities.

A drastic reduction of errors

Reduced error rates, enhanced compliance, and accelerated invoice management.

Simple and shared process

Real-time visibility on invoice processing status shared with all the parties in the ecosystem.

Significant financial gain

Lower management costs, increased service productivity, fewer penalties for late payment, and better cash management.

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