Automate your logistics document flows with e-logistics

The efficiency of your logistics depends upon your coordination with all the actors in the chain: suppliers, customers, and transporters. DxLogistics puts you in direct contact with this ecosystem while ensuring informational consistency with the various internal departments involved.

The solution

Supply chains are becoming shorter, faster and more complex. DxLogistics is an e-logistics solution that helps you connect buyers, sellers and third-party logistics players in a real-time, automated flow. It automates and secures your logistics document flows and easily integrates with your systems.
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A complete set of features for e-logistics

Generate all types of documents and track them

DxLogistics includes all logistics-related documents, among which: shipping notification, receipt acknowledgment, bill of lading, waybill, delivery status tracking etc.
Automated validations and processing of documents. Data is transferred without errors to the ERP or to the transport management system
Management of shipping and receiving notifications from the ERP or the web portal
Real-time tracking of e logistics operations and stock status

Coordination across your entire logistics ecosystem

Instant connection between your suppliers, customers, transporters, or your own fleet
Easy roll-out and onboarding for the different stakeholders
Shared delivery status information between all stakeholders
Out-of-the-box compatibility with most ERP and TMS systems

Native integration with DocProcess BEA platform

Unify product data (SKU, packaging, prices, minimum quantities, taxes) and have it streamlined across e-logistics by integration with DxCatalog
Generate invoices from the GRNs with DxInvoice
Ensure that deliveries are in accordance with the conditions of the contracts with DxContract

Impact on your business

Gain real-time visibility on the status of your deliveries. All the administrative aspects of logistics are automated. Relationships between suppliers, customers, and logistics service providers are streamlined.

Secure deliveries

You are constantly able to locate orders and check delivery status.

Reassured suppliers and customers

Suppliers, customers, and logistics providers are always in contact.

Harmonized logistics and accounting processes

Data integrity is ensured throughout the entire chain, up until the integration into the ERP system.

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