Managed document digitization

Document digitization is a hassle that you don’t have to deal with

The solution

Paper destroys even the most carefully planned out process. It’s time you quit dealing with paper documents and let us manage it for you. We take this hassle out of your hands, so that you can be fully electronic from day 1. But we see it as a temporary step to ease the transition to digital. Paper will always have problems, so we take it away to deal with it for good. While you make the transition to e-documents, our services include everything from paper receipt, sorting, indexing, scanning, data extraction, data validation and data export. As well as preparing your paper documents for physical archiving.
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What’s included in our document digitization service

Paper documents receipt

We ensure document receipt on our premises so that you don’t have to deal with it.

Full paper handling

Sorting, indexing, scanning, data extraction and putting the paper back in files for physical archiving – our team handles all the steps.

100% data accuracy guarantee

With state of the art OCR tools and quality assurance checks, noting under 100% satisfies us. Or you

Control anything you want

Fiscal control, business rules control, approval workflows, anything you might want, we can apply to the extracted data.

Full traceability and reporting

No document is lost, no document is duplicated

100% data extraction guarantee

Not just headers and footers. But the entire content of the document is digitalized and sent to you.

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