The first step in Accounts Payable automation:

Receiving eInvoices

Cut AP costs up to 60% by eliminating all manual work related to receiving, checking and processing supplier invoices. Replace various inbound invoice formats with a single, company-wide format, that flows automatically into your ERP or accounting system.

Electronic invoicing automation speeds up purchase processes, slashes costs and improves buyer-supplier relationships. Our all-inclusive DocXchange RPA-based (Robotic Process Automation) platform can help your company achieve all these benefits.

Challenges to receiving eInvoices

Non-standard invoicing

Invoices arrive in a lot of shapes and sizes: pdf attached to email, paper, xls or even fax. Sorting and getting them through an approval process is time-consuming. Talking to suppliers to change their habits is pointless. Our platform takes care of all these formats and troubles, easily.

Errors and exceptions

At least 30-45% invoices contain errors or don’t have an associated PO. Correcting them involves phone calls, tens of emails and arguing with suppliers. Why not switch to a platform that can solve all these discrepancies and automate error correction?

Missing data

For their business needs, companies require all sorts of data on their inbound invoices in order to be posted in their ERP. Many suppliers are unwilling or unable to supply this information (such as PO no or receipt advice no). Chasing data and manually adding it to the ERP is tedious. Now, there is a simpler way.

The value of RPA for receiving eInvoices

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A single solution for all your invoices, even paper

Our DocXchange platform handles all formats (paper, pdf, csv, xml, Idoc), all standards (EDI, UBL, OpenPEPPOL) and all communication protocols (FTPS, SFTP, AS2, AS4, HTTP), ensuring your ERP receives just eInvoices in the required format.

For suppliers we provide multiple input channels – including paper document dematerialization, web portal or ERP to ERP connection, finding a solution that suits their capabilities.


Quick activation of suppliers

Signing up thousands of suppliers to eInvoicing is difficult. Our onboarding team handles all the related activities including administrative and technical tasks, allowing you to focus on running your business as usual.

We also help structure and align the process between suppliers and your business requirements

Always correct and complete data according to your business rules

Our rule robots check format and content accuracy, without any human intervention, ensuring that only data that you approve enters your system. We support over 200 rules (and counting) including n-way matching, content enhancements, status messages or automatic exception and error handling, as well as customized invoice automation workflows.


Features – supporting “real-time accounting”

  • Automatic export in your ERP of invoice metadata whether the original format is paper-based, pdf, xls, csv etc. Receive eInvoices directly in your system of choice.

  • Configurable rules: received eInvoice approval workflow with price and quantity exceptions.

  • Real-time invoice posting: our robots act in seconds allowing you to capture early-payment discounts

  • Real time error / exception management: alerts notify suppliers to submit compliant invoices, eliminating the need of phone conversations. Customized workflows are also available.
  • Real time visibility: alerts notify suppliers of their invoice status, so they do not need to call and inquire about the situation.

  • Real time enhancement: automatic invoice enrichment with desired data, where suppliers are unable provide it.

  • Perfect compliance: all document actions are saved in log files, providing a complete audit trail.

Carrefour cut invoice error rate from 35% to 0.1%. Imagine what that would mean for your bottom line.