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On this page, you will find the latest DocProcess videos, from feature presentations and promotional videos to animations and award ceremonies.
These videos will take you through DocProcess’ history and its successes, but also through its present and future product line-ups.

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Introducing DxContract – The Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Increase revenue and compliance with our simple, efficient and intelligent contract management solution.
DxContract helps you achieve decreased contract creation times, decreased managing
and storing costs, and full compliance. Back in Business – 2020 Interview

Liviu Apolozan’s interview at Profit TV’s show Back in Business. Find out how what sets DocProcess apart from its competition and
what the future holds in stock for Romanian digitalization!

Meet DocProcess [Subtitled]

Filmed at EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, this brief film perfectly
summarizes the DocProcess spirit.

The Benefits of Financial Automation [English]

Discover how financial automation backed by RPA and A.I.
can help your business grow.

DocProcess Awarded at Made in Romania 2019 [Subtitled]

A flattering presentation for our company, made at the
2019 Made in Romania Gala.

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