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According to the Romanian law, an electronic invoice is “the invoice that has been issued, transmitted, and received in a structured electronic format that allows automatic, digital processing”. The Romanian electronic invoicing system that runs the process is called e-Factura. We take care of the implementation of the e-invoicing solution for you, with no disruption to your business.

What do we know so far?

  • The electronic invoicing system, called e-Factura, has been operational in Romania since November 11, 2021. It is optional in the first phase and currently only targets the relationship between companies and the state (B2G). Specifically, electronic state invoicing is used only for public procurement.
  • The service has been extended since July 1st, 2022 to cover the relationship between companies (B2B). In the first phase, e-Factura is used by companies who sell products with high tax risk, i.e. those for which there is a risk of fraud and evasion: vegetables, fruits, other edible plants, alcoholic beverages, new construction, natural mineral water, sand and gravel, clothing and footwear etc. The system also applies to companies that accept holiday vouchers, which which are obliged, ever since “April 1st, 2022, to send in the national system regarding the electronic invoice RO e-Factura the invoices issued to the voucher holders”.
  • Starting with  2023, the system will become mandatory for all B2B relationships. 
e-Factura Romania

What is the purpose of e-Factura?


Increasing the level of tax and duties collection, especially VAT

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Enabling a bureaucracy-free, paperless administration

Providing an electronic public service to enable digital B2G and B2B transactions

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Enabling savings of about 350 Million EUR over a 10-year horizon

How does it work without an automated platform?

Without an automated platform, you must know how to use the national platform by yourself and be able to send your invoices in the UBL / CII required format. There is a fairly common risk that your invoice will be validated by e-Factura, but will be rejected by your commercial partner. This is because e-Factura only checks the authenticity of the origin and the integrity of the content - thus, only a technical check, and not the reality of the transaction covered by the invoice. So, when the recipient of the invoice has objections, they are sent electronically to the issuer - by e-mail notification. The reported errors lead to the correction of the electronic invoice and to the retransmission of the invoice, as a new file, again through e-Factura. This repetitive task is time-consuming and prone to errors.

How will it work with our help?

Our platform will send the correct, structured invoice to e-Factura, after having performed multiple compliance and business rules checks, and matched it with other required documents. It will also intermediate your relation with the buyer, enabling real-time notifications on the status of your invoice, and sending over the compliant, validated invoice (e-Factura and business rules). This will save you time, money, and will ensure you are compliant with the RO_CIUS rules.

What does it mean for your company?

E-Invoice sending and receiving

DocProcess helps you exchange all invoices electronically and securely, regardless of your partners’ invoicing capabilities and desired formats (paper, PDF, EDI, XML, etc).

Compliance and traceability

E-invoicing helps you reduce the risk of financial penalties and other sanctions associated with non-compliance with regulations. You can achieve tax compliance through automated tax code handling and advanced tax calculations.

Increased speed of transactions

E-invoicing allows suppliers to issue invoices and buyers to receive them automatically. It handles direct integration with any ERP system and file format.

Real-time visibility and audit

Comprehensive audit trails include original invoice image to provide control over the entire process. You get real-time view of your cashflow, enabling its optimization.

No errors or missing invoices

Our advanced matching platform supports not just 2-way and 3-way matching, but also n-way matching between as many documents and types of documents as needed.

Security and data compliance

DocProcess’s commitment to a flawless user experience is coupled with extensive security measures, as well as a multi-level back-up process. To protect documents from dispatch to reception, DocProcess uses only secure transfer protocols.


Our solution is also available for B2B