Cut invoice costs

Optimizează-ți costurile cu ajutorul automatizării procesului de primire facturi. Studiu de caz: Saint-Gobain [webinar disponibil în limba franceză]

Discover how Strauss Coffee, a large coffee distribution company freed its legal department from the burdening task of contract management and improved its operational efficiency.

“Before implementing DxContract, the beginning of the year was our most crowded period, because that’s when we had to extend distributor contracts. The workload was simply burdening.

Furthermore, while most contract disputes were just minor misunderstandings they always had to be managed by our legal department. For every deadline breach, our highly qualified lawyers had to take a few hours of their time to reanalyze the contract and decide if they should renew it or not.

Now? We use templates that are easy to duplicate and adapt and get constant notifications about a contract’s life stage, but also expiration warnings. At every moment, we can access an audit trail and see not only who created and signed the contract, but also if its deadlines have been respected.”

Chief Legal Officer
Strauss Coffee BV

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