Did your customers ask you to start sending eInvoices?

Increasingly, large customers require that their suppliers start sending einvoices (electronic invoices) and EU regulations will soon make that mandatory in B2B and B2G environments (2020 / EU directive 16931)

You can start issuing eInvoices in a matter of days, with all the support included from our onboarding team.

We are connected to all major buyer accounts

Whatever your technical readiness, we have a solution

Our DocXchange platform can help you create your eInvoice no matter your internal technical capabilities. We handle all types of formats, standards and communication protocols for electronic invoices.

We offer direct ERP to ERP integration. Or, you can start using our DocXchange portal where you can manually input invoice data.

Receive your electronic POs and flip them to einvoices

If your customers want to send you electronic purchase orders, we can manage this workflow – either receive the eOrder directly to your accounting or ERP system or, flip it into an invoice in our portal, at the click of a button.

Always in the know: status messages

No longer wonder about the status of your invoice. No more lost documents lying on somebody’s desk

DocXchange automatically checks format and invoice content and lets you know if the invoice is correct or whether it’s been accepted or rejected by your customers.

Easy to use, perfectly compliant legal archiving

All invoices transiting our platform are archived for 90 days, allowing you a buffer time before moving them to a permanent electronic archive for legal purposes. 

Increase visibility in your account receivables

Increase control over your accounts receivables with a simple way to track invoice status and identify issues. When you send einvoices through our platform, status messages and daily reports help you notice when there is an issue with an invoice or when it reached the your customer’s ERP.

Not ready? We also handle paper

We know technical capabilities are sometimes expensive. To ease your transition, our DEMAT department can handle all your paper invoices and related documents using an advanced OCR tool. This gives you time to decide on the best eInvoicing channel choice and maintain good relationships with your customers.

Did your customer ask you to send them electronic invoices?