How DxArchive handles documents from multiple sources

Great news! If you’re a client of our intuitive content management platform you should now be able to import documents from external sources and store them in your secure and legally compliant archive. If you’re not yet a client of DxArchive, allow us to show you what you’re missing!

About the platform

DxArchive is a secure, cloud-native content services platform designed for easy storage and compliant records management. With DxArchive, managing your business documents becomes simple, easy, and cost-effective. You no longer have to store paper, retrieve or duplicate files or constantly search for them. Everything becomes instantly available!

Our electronic archive features configurable retention rules and workflows, as well as access permissions that allow your employees to manage just their assigned documents and nothing else. This eliminates manual work and improves the overall efficiency of your content management.

Our platform supports any file format, structured or unstructured, and can be easily integrated with any business system. Our smart search feature uses metadata to find specific content inside a document. This way, we can strike the perfect balance between configurability and easy-to-use.

Our advanced security and traceability is part of our commitment to legal compliance – especially since in many countries the long-term storage of documents such as electronic invoices is mandated by law. To make our product completely legal proof we’ve also included audit trails for your archived documents, accessible by request.

Simple Electronic Archive

[Its intuitive interface and multiple filters make DxArchive both usable and useful out-of-the-box]

The new formats

And now, with our latest release, we’ve also included the possibility for you to send documents in a large number of formats: our platform will normalize them and extract the metadata that will allow you to instantly find them. You will now be able to send documents:

  • From your ERP and accounting software, straight to us. In other words, you can use a structured format that our system will check, validate, convert, and map.
  • In your prefered ERP format, as well as in an image format (from .jpg and .png to .pdf scans). This happens when, aside from an electronic invoice, you also want to send additional attachments, in an unstructured format.
  • As images of any type or even paper documents, a case in which our system will use advanced OCR to extract all data, before mapping the documents.

With out-of-the-box compatibility and only one week deployment time, DxArchive is a best-in-class solution for you content management.

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