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Process automation solutions

for automating back-office processes to eliminate paper documents and replace manual processes with automated workflows.

DocXchange – our RPA software platform automates the back-office processes (Purchase-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, eInvoicing, EMC, BPM) helping companies eliminate paper documents and replace manual processes with automated workflows. Over 3.200 customers worldwide and over 25.000 active users from finance, accounting and procurement departments are now more productive and more efficient with our process automation solutions.

In 2018, DocXchange evolves toward a cloud-based, turnkey and multi-tenant platform, allowing Business Service Providers to offer their own branded services to their end customers. DocXchange now helps service providers start a new revenue stream with no investment, in a matter of weeks

RPA software for manual and paper-intensive processes automation, delivering value from day 1

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Accounts Payable automation

Get steps closer to “real-time accounting” with our RPA-based software platform. DocXchange enables you to post an invoice to your ERP in 2 to 4 minutes from the moment the supplier issued the invoice. Identify and correct errors on the spot. Increase compliance. Process automation solutions on the job 24/7.

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Finance & Accounting automation

If your AP, Accounts Receivables or Record to Report processes need optimization, our robotic process automation platform is the solution. Modular, scalable, secure and easy to integrate, your finance automation project can show payback in at little as 2 months.

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Procurement automation

Issuing and approving orders, checking validity against supplier codes, checking deliveries against orders (n-way matching) are manual processes that would benefit immediately from an RPA-based automation platform. Extend the value of your ERP with automated procurement services.

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Factoring & Financing case automation

Once you’ve automated your invoice workflows, applying for financing (credit lines or factoring) becomes much easier and much more affordable. Through our platform, a client can select which invoices he wants financed and the bank can tailor the offer in minutes, based on the documents the client shared with its account manager.

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Payment & reconciliation automation

Selecting invoices for payment, sending them through an approval workflow, posting them to your internet banking for payment and then collecting bank statements and allocating payments to outstanding invoices in your ERP is a tiresome task. With DocXchange, we can take care of all of that and more: identify payment errors, double payments, blacklisted payments etc. Why not give it a try?

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Credit file automation

Applying for credit products is a manual, tiresome, time consuming task for bank clerks. At the same time, banks are under pressure to lower commissions and to speed up their processes in order to maintain their competitive advantage. Our platform can deal away with paper documents, automate checks and validations of data against 3rd party providers and route the file through the appropriate workflow.