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Managed dematerialization for a Big Four


Our client, the local branch of one of the largest professional services and accounting consulting network in the world, asked for our help in a rather time-consuming issue. Their partner, an international clothing retailer, entrusted them with over 5000 monthly invoices. The problem? They were all paper invoices.

While many managers recognize the fact that paper documents are both a physical and legal liability, the truth is that few people can truly calculate the costs of paper processing. Remember: aside from actually processing the data from them, paper documents also have to be printed, transported, and stored according to legal standards.

Project results

  • 900 invoices processed daily, without manual intervention
  • 100% accuracy in processing, with increased transparency
  • 950 saved hours for the entire year
  • 5 employees reassigned to more value-added tasks
  • 0.1% error rate for the processed documents
  • 720% estimated ROI, a year after implementation