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E-Boda – Order-to-Cash automation

In this Order-t0-Cash automation case study, you’ll learn what eliminated order errors and manual work for one of the most important Black & White goods manufacturer and distributor in Romania.

With a small team of around 30 employees, searching for an Order-to-Cash automation solution was high on their agenda. In 2014 they were approached by the DocProcess team with a proposal to automate their Order to Cash process. They immediately saw the benefits: low chance of errors, no more manual tasks and payments received on time.

Life before automation

Before automating the O2C process, E-Boda employees captured and processed orders manually. These arrived in a variety of formats and channels: paper, pdf files, email, xls and had to be introduced manually in their ERP. For just a single retailer, E-Boda averages 500 orders per month, each with several SKUs. What made matters worse was that buyers requested orders per store department (essentially per product categories) and per store location. This generated massive amounts of data that had to be handled by various E-Boda employees.

Copy-pasting the data from the orders to the ERP took several minutes per order and several phone calls to clarify product codes or quantities.

On the invoicing side, before switching to e-invoicing, E-Boda had to wait for days before knowing whether an invoice was correct and accepted by the buyer. This led to delayed payments and poor cash flow forecasts.

The solution

DocProcess suggested to the manufacturer a full e-process of O2C. Orders would arrive electronically directly to E-Boda ERP. Sales managers would then approve the orders and confirm the order receipt. Once the merchandise is ready for shipment, the electronic dispatch advice is sent to the buyer’s stores for them to prepare in advance for the receipt. E-Boda then received the electronic receipt advice in their ERP and issued the e-invoice. All these documents and status messages are delivered electronically between E-Boda ERP and each buyer’s ERP.

The reduction in error rate was seen immediately. “When you have the customer service representative entering by hand, they enter in the wrong ship keys. They enter in wrong product code numbers or the wrong quantities,” says Marius Ungureanu, Key Account Manager with E-Boda. “It’s very easy to err and now, this has been eliminated.”

With the DocProcess Business Ecosystem Automation platform, E-Boda now benefits from:

Lower costs

Eliminating paper, printing and postage costs, as well as manual tasks and clarification emails and phone calls, led to a significant decrease in accounts receivables costs. Estimates amount to a 70% decrease in cost.

Faster sales cycles

What took minutes per order to process, now takes split seconds. Our platform can process and inject documents in milliseconds, faster than any front-end robots can achieve.

Faster payments & improved cash flow forecasts

Orders, dispatch advices and invoices are validated against each buyer’s specific business rules, before they reach the buyer’s management systems. Thus, E-Boda can avoid making errors in documents that lead to rejected invoices and delayed payments.

Improved customer service levels

Processing orders and invoices correctly and timely keeps buyers happy – both the store managers, as well as the Accounts Payable staff. Overall, the relationship with buyers became more low touch on the processing part. This has allowed E-Boda KAMs to allocate more time for sales development, instead of fixing errors.