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Error-free logistics document management with e-CMR matching

The client

Present in 67 countries, our client is one of the top construction material suppliers in the world. Recognized for its swiftness in delivery even for over-sized construction pieces, the company relies on a network of transporters to deliver products from its factory in Romania, all over Europe. Until recently, this meant a lot of paperwork and manual validation for each delivery.

Often, the drivers and goods handlers were the ones creating this paperwork. This made the resulting documents prone to error and misinformation and increased the workload of these essential employees.


Project results

  • 50% reduction in handling costs

  • Less than 0.1% document error rates

  • Over 99% delivery and reception conformity

  • Reduced transporter disputes

  • 100% data accuracy for electronic documents

  • 100% reduction in storage space and costs

  • Real-time control and monitoring of each transport

  • Full access to proofs of pick-up and delivery

  • Future matching expansion capabilities with other documents such as customs declarations.