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Strauss Coffee – contract management made simple

One of the top 10 coffee companies in the world, the Strauss Group has always been a strong presence on the East-European market. Its local branch, Strauss Coffee Romania, has been a leader in its segment for over 25 years, with countless distributors and partners around the country and a strong export market.

While Strauss’ business model involves all the stages of coffee production and packaging, it also involves distributing coffee and coffee machines to numerous HoReCa and traditional trade locations.

The Issue

Since coffee is both a necessary and a fast moving product, Strauss had to constantly renew contracts with its countless distributors, while also reviewing their performance and assessing bonuses and discounts. Furthermore, many of these contracts also included the lending of coffee making equipment that required additional paperwork.

This process had to be manually managed by multiple departments. The highest involvement came from the legal department, a department which consisted in highly qualified professionals (all of them full-time lawyers) whose work could have otherwise added value in other, more pressing issues.

Not only did this create a lot of unnecessary manual labor, but it also:

  • Generated high quantities of paperwork
  • Created inevitable errors and redundancies
  • Clouded visibility into each contract’s lifecycle
  • Generated disputes through poor deadline tracking

The Solution

To help Strauss Coffee manage its partners but also improve supplier relationships, we’ve implemented DxContract, our CLM solution covering the contract lifecycle from creation to archiving.

Aside from streamlining the entire contract management process, DxContract also:

  • Offers easy to modify templates that simplifies the creation and approval process.
  • Simplified interdepartmental flows by showing each department only the contract parts they were responsible for
  • Reduced the legal department’s manual labor time by allowing them to preview the contract in its final form
  • Made it easy for users to attach and exchange collateral documents (coffee equipment sheets, orders, certificates).
  • Implemented a simple contract notification system.


Our solution quickly reduced the back and forth between departments from a couple of hours to a couple of clicks. Furthermore, by reducing friction between departments when managing contracts we’ve noticed that:

  • The average legal work hours for contract approval dropped from 3 hours to 15 minutes
  • The average number of drafts dropped from 3-4 to just one, thus reducing paperwork
  • The legal department gets constant notifications about contract milestones
  • Audit trails now allow insight into the lifecycle of each individual contract as well as in process bottlenecks.
  • Reporting has become an easy to perform process
  • Legal archiving is now just one click away
  • Supply chain quality is now easily trackable, and each action point has become clear.