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Faster payments. More sales. Lower costs. Often, the weak links in the chain are not under your control. If you are to be successful in automating your Order to Cash flow, your buyers, logistics partners and their banks have to be successful too.

Work with every buyer, your way

The weak links in your process are outside your control. What a buyer orders, what he confirms receipt of, if they deem the invoice matches their order or if they pay you in time, it’s often up to them. Well, no more. With DocProcess Order to Cash platform, you can take control of the entire process - from order to payment - from your ERP to your buyer’s ERP, all without costly integrations or customizations. We connect you and all your buyers in a single, powerful platform. And accommodate everybody’s needs while we’re at it.

Why automate your Order-to-Cash process

Increase cash on hand

Correct orders, deliveries and invoices as well as collections notifications, plus supply chain financing options – all work together to get paid faster.

Improve buyer relationships

No snags in your processes ensure your buyers are happy and likely to buy more from you.

Boost productivity

Eliminate oder key-ing, invoice sending through email or post, manual collection reminders and focus on more important things.

Increase visibility

With a full visibility over your processes, making strategic decisions is a breeze.

Capabilities in the suite

Managed Onboarding

Each buyer is making you onboard in their own EDI systems? Struggle with all the processes and different documents formats involved? Look no further! Our Order to Cash suite will manage any file format and any process requirements imposed by any buyer.

Contract management

Why struggle with signing and keeping track of your sales contracts on email? With DxContract, from contract request to contract renewal – you have a single and safe repository, shared with your buyers.

Product catalog

List, negotiate, approve and update all your product information for each buyer or buyer category. So that you put a stop to erroneous orders and enjoy faster sales.

Order management

Receive orders automatically in your ERP. Confirm or negotiate them. Deliver them. It’s that simple and no manual work involved.

Logistics management

Issue dispatch advices, CMRs or any other logistic document to your partners. A fluid yet automatic workflow for all your logistic needs. In real-time.

Invoice issuing

Connect your ERP and issue invoices in your single, preferred format. Issue compliant and matched invoices every time. Receive updates so that you’re on top of each document.

Supply chain financing

Get paid faster. Connect to your financial partner and instantly factor your invoices.

When you have the customer service representative entering the order by hand, they enter the wrong ship keys. It’s very easy to make and error and now, this has been eliminated. DocProcess solution for order automation and Accounts Receivables helped us speed the sales cycle and reduce the number of invoices overdue.
Marius Ungureanu
Key Account Manager

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