e-Invoicing obligation in France


E-Invoicing mandate in France

On the 1st of September 2026 receiving e-Invoices (for all companies) and issuing e-Invoices (depending on company size) will become mandatory in France.  Companies subject to VAT can mandate a Plateforme de Dematerialisation Partenaire (PDP) to guarantee they meet all legal obligations, such as: 

  • receiving domestic invoices in one of the three authorized formats (incoming E-Invoicing)
  • issuing their B2B and B2G invoices in the same formats (outgoing E-Invoicing) for large companies and later for all company sizes (1st of September 2026-large companies, 1st September 2027-small, midsize and micro companies)
  • providing the administration with data
  • managing invoice lifecycle
  • complying with EN16931 European standard
  • supporting the formats UBL, CII, and Factur-X

Why choose DocProcess as your PDP?

Building on our e-Invoicing expertise, we are fully committed to becoming a PDP. Since 2022, we have been providing our clients with e-Invoicing services that are compliant with European standards. Our SaaS infrastructure is PDP-ready, scalable, and secure.

We offer value-added services that complement the obligations imposed by tax regulations such as:

We are certified Peppol Access Point Provider, enabling us to effectively manage international B2B invoice processes and we also provide Procure-to-Pay automation (P2P), Order-to-Cash (O2C), Logistics, eCatalogue, and archiving services.

What is a Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP)?

A Partner Dematerialization Platform is a service provider specializing in the processing and transmission of electronic invoices and tax reports. A PDP is the only organization certified and registered with the French administration.

It operates the intermediation between the customer and the supplier who can then exchange invoices in syntactic formats not provided for in the basis of the reform. The PDP is responsible for transmitting all useful information to the tax administration in the expected formats.

In addition, only PDPs will be able to consolidate E-Reporting information for the administration of international B2B and B2C.

Characteristics of a PDP

A Partner Dematerialization Platform serves as a mediator between a supplier and a client, so it must be able to successfully transform the supplier’s invoice format into a format that is appropriate for the customer. The data must be processed in a way that ensures its accuracy, traceability, validity, and completeness.

There are three acceptable formats for invoices. They are UBL, CII, and Factur-X (mixed format). Before sending the required data to the receiver and the tax authority in a structured or mixed format, the platform must perform all the transformations.

A PDP should cover the following:

  • Send structured electronic invoices to the recipients’ platforms.
  • Receive invoices and make them available to their recipients
  • Get and send the required invoice information to the tax authority.
  • e-reporting data (transaction and payment) is received, controlled, and forwarded to the tax authority.
  • Run compliance checks on the transaction data and invoices before sending.
  • Manage the processing status of e-invoices.
  • Provide the data required to update the directory to the public invoicing portal.
  • Provide a web interface to edit invoices.
  • Provide recipients with a readable representation of invoices (PDF).

Mandatory electronic invoicing from 2026!

Mandatory electronic invoicing is coming in 2026! Are you ready? DocProcess is here to help. Our fully cloud-based dematerialization service and invoice automation platform, are designed to become PDP (Partner Dematerialization Platform) by 2026, so you can anticipate the future with confidence.

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