Supplier management

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The solution

DocProcess executes managed onboarding with 360° support, regardless of your suppliers’ size, type, or technological maturity. Our team makes sure all your suppliers can send and receive electronic documents in no time.

Most electronic invoicing or EDI projects fail because suppliers do not onboard and have trouble using your formats and processes. We developed our platform with suppliers in mind, offering them a suite of benefits as well as numerous technical options so that they get on board easily.

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Benefits for you

Tailor made onboarding strategy

Customized for your business network, our onboarding process will bring you ROI within the first 2-3 months.

Onboarding solutions for all your suppliers

Every supplier is different. Yet, they must all join your new automated ecosystem. This is why we can handle everything from paper to images to structured files, though portals, APIs, direct ERP integrations.

Constant communication and project notifications

So you know what state your onboarding project is in, every step of the way. On top of this, we help you have a simpler and conflict free relationship with your suppliers, due to the value our platform brings them.

ROI depends on countless factors, but when it comes to P2P automation, nothing beats supplier onboarding

Benefits for your suppliers

Full Order-to-Cash solution

Our complete solution covers all types of documents: order receipt, dispatch advice creation, invoice creation and more.


Suppliers can see the status of their documents at any time. There is no need for extra clarifications.


Suppliers get easier access to financing solutions and direct faster payments. All documents are pre-checked and validated. No more incorrect invoices.

manual work

Whether they use their ERP or our portal, suppliers can create and send documents with a single click. Our platform is compatible with any ERP.

Traceability and compliance

With notifications and daily reporting available, suppliers will never miss a document and there will be no more delays in their business relationship with you.

customer support

Available by email, tutorials, trainings – everything is in place for suppliers to onboard quickly.