Your supplier network covers hundreds if not thousands of suppliers. These are multiple opportunities for errors that you can’t afford, if you still use paper or email. You also need a highly collaborative supply chain and good relationships with your partners. For all these, we bring you the DocProcess Business Ecosystem Automation (BEA) platform designed for the future of retail automation.

We understand that your company faces several challenges every day, such as digital disruption resulting in customers doing more and more online shopping, rather than choosing traditional in-store shopping, or finding the technology that suits your company best, and helps you streamline your operations and scale your business.

How we address your challenges

Instant productivity

Become paper free and say goodbye to errors from day 1, no matter the number of suppliers you handle and regardless their technological capabilities.

Unbounded scalability

Evolution is a normal movement worldwide. So, as your company, your entire ecosystem, and your needs grow, we have solutions to seamlessly cover all these.

Fast ROI

Remove manual work with a completely automated Procure-to-Pay experience, available from contracting to payments, saving you hundreds of hours of manual work.

Discover how our BEA Platform can help you streamline your operations

Products for retail automation

Electronic Catalog

Speed up sales and logistical operations by harmonizing product information between parties. Run smoother P2P and O2C processes.

Electronic Order

Ensure orders reach suppliers in time and are as accurate as possible. Integrates with over 200 ERPs so that deployment is a breeze.

Electronic Logistics

Automatically create, send, track and notify a host of documents including dispatch advice, receipt advice, bills of lading, waybill and many others.