Digital purchase order:
bring all spend under control

The quality of the order management process depends on the interoperability of information systems within your ecosystem of partners. By ensuring global order management, you optimize your cash management and secure your supply chain.

The solution

A simple, dematerialized, reliable, and integrated electronic purchase order solution, DxOrder automates your order management from your end to your suppliers’ end. It integrates both your system and that of your partners. It processes orders in compliance with your contracts and ensures data integrity with your accounting solution. You get detailed control of purchase orders with product data (goods and services). Relevant and functional, it will become a valuable tool for purchasing and sales processes as well as cash flow monitoring.
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A complete set of features for e-purchasing

Accurate and fast ordering

No more erroneous or delayed orders
Real-time status on each order
Simplification and digitalization of shipping and receiving slips management
Control over order confirmation and negotiation flows

Optimal compatibility

Full integration with your ERP as well as your suppliers' ERPs
Centralization of incoming and outgoing orders and their follow-up in the same database
Verification of all purchase orders against the corresponding data in the catalog to avoid duplicates, exceptions, and conflicts

Native integration with DocProcess BEA platform

Automatically check the consistency of product data (SKU codes, type of packaging, price etc.) by connecting with DxCatalog
Make sure that the terms of the contract are respected (discounts, service level etc.) with DxContract
Automatically convert purchase orders into invoices with DxInvoice
Automatically convert purchase orders into shipping notices or delivery notes with DxLogistics

Impact on your business

Better relationships with your ecosystem

Improved supplier relationships due to real-time, coherent and automated data flows. No more misunderstandings or confusions.

Improved spend management

Control your spend with full visibility over your transactions and your budget. With 2 way or 3 way matching, electronic purchase orders are the basis of a transparent P2P or O2C process.

Accelerated procurement and delivery

Cut down the time needed to generate, negotiate, approve and track your orders. Keep all of your teams in the loop, from beneficiaries, to warehousing all the way to the accounting department.

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