Supplier management

100% onboarded suppliers, and it’s on us!

The solution

Your control over your processes is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Most electronic invoicing or EDI projects fail because suppliers do not onboard and have trouble using your formats and processes. Most do this because they cannot see the value of the project for themselves or because technically they are not ready. Not with us! We developed our platform with suppliers in mind, offering them a suite of benefits as well as numerous technical options so that they will join easily. We take care of all the steps so that all your suppliers receive and send electronic documents. You just check the progress.
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The difference that you get from us

Tailor made onboarding strategy

No partner network is the same. We devise custom made onboarding strategies so that you see value in under 2 months.

Onboarding solutions for all your suppliers

No supplier is the same. Yet, they must all join your new automated ecosystem. This is why we can handle everything from paper to images to structured files, though portals, APIs, direct ERP integrations, you name it.

Improved relationships with your suppliers

DocProcess is not an overhead for suppliers. DocProcess is an enhancer. With multiple features, suppliers see the benefits of joining.

What your suppliers get from us

Full Order-to-Cash solution

Our complete solution covers all types of documents: order receipt, dispatch advice creation, invoice creation, PO flip and more.

Real-time visibility

Suppliers can see the status of their documents at any time. There is no need to call for clarifications.

Faster payments

Suppliers get easier access to supply chain financing solutions and direct faster payments. All documents are pre-checked and validated. No more incorrect invoices.

Less manual work

From their ERP or from our portal, suppliers create and send documents with a single click. Our platform integrates with +200 ERPs.

Traceability and compliance

With notifications and daily reporting, suppliers will never miss a document.

Full customer support

By email, tutorials, trainings, everything is in place for suppliers to onboard quickly.

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