Contract Management software
for operational excellence

Your company has to navigate a network of complex and changing relationships with its partners. Boundaries become less clear. Contracts are usually siloed and information doesn't translate to the very process the contract is used to manage in the first place. With DxContract, you gain back the control and efficiency over the processes between you and your partners.

The solution

DxContract is a contract management software that contributes to reducing your management costs while securing your operations. You’ll be able to manage the implications of your contracts on adjacent processes (invoicing, order management, logistics) throughout their validity. This dynamic contract management reduces your costs and increases your revenue by optimizing risk management and exploiting synergies with adjacent processes.
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A complete set of features for Contract Management

Simplicity and accessibility

Granular customization of your workflows and validation chains.
Set the pace of the contracts' life and stay informed at all times of the different steps (negotiation, validation, signature, follow-up, risk assessment) thanks to a configurable system of notifications and time stamping.
Full access to all your past and current contracts via smart search, with multi-criteria queries on all data.

Compliance and security

Library of contract templates for every type of purchase or sale, designed to ensure optimal legal compliance.
Granular access rights - by role, team, function or contract types., etc. The electronic signature protocol is integrated.

Flexibility and openness

Limitless workflows: DxContract is compatible with the most relevant applications, including SAP Supply Base, or Microsoft Office
Native integration with DocProcess suite and the corresponding processes: electronic document management with DxArchive, order management with DxOrder, logistics with DxLogistics, product data management with DxCatalog, invoicing with DxInvoice.

Impact on your business

DxContract helps you transform your contract management software into an operational tool for managing the terms in day to day operations.

Reliable contracts, easy to create and to manage

Contract creation and management made easy, secure, and controlled.

360 visibility across your contract management process

Find the data you need in an instant and get an overview of the contracts and their implications. Analyze spend by contract and rank your suppliers to streamline your supply-chain.

Reduced costs and increased efficiency

Reduce costs contracts creation, storage, and management; increase turnover and profitability thanks to compliance with contractual clauses and reduced commercial and legal risks.

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